Stovax Studio Sorrento

For those who wish to hearth mount a Stovax Studio wood burning fire then the graceful Sorrento presents the perfect solution. Crafted from either elegant limestone or striking polished black granite, the addition of this surround offers a designer focal point around which to create your own individual decorative style.

Available for either the Studio 500, Studio 1 or Studio 2, the solid stone Sorrento is the perfect enhancement to the already impressive Studio wood burning inset fire, ensuring that your fireplace remains at the heart of your home – even when it isn’t burning!

The Studio 500 Sorrento inset fire is available in Polished Black Granite only and has matching granite panels in either side of the fire that are recessed from the outer frame.

Fire Size Nominal Heat Output
& Range
Log Length
Edge Frame Size
mm (w x h x d)
Studio 500 5kW (1.7-7kW) 250mm 1338 x 678 x 300
Studio 1 5kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm 1338 x 678 x 300
Studio 2 8kW (2.8-11kW) 400mm 1536 x 703 x 300
Studio 2
9kW (3.5-12kW) 400mm 1536 x 703 x 300