Stovax Studio Glass

With its crisp lines and reflective surface, the Stovax Studio Glass wood burning inset fire offers you a complete focal point around which to create your very own distinctive decorative style.

This sleek frame is available in all four Studio inset fire sizes, giving you the versatility to match your personal design and heating needs.

Studio 500, 1 and 2 sizes are available with an optional kit for use in smoke control areas.

All Studios are high efficiency wood burning fires, with a 80% heating efficiency.

Fire Size Nominal Heat Output
& Range
Log Length
Edge Frame Size
mm (w x h x d)
Studio 500 5kW (1.7-7kW) 250mm 1010x 567 x 40
Studio1 5kW (1.7-7kW) 300mm 1203 x 567 x 48
Studio 2 8kW (2.8-11kW) 400mm 1440 x 622 x 59
Studio 2
9kW (3.5-12kW) 400mm 1440 x 622 x 59
Studio 3 11kW (3.8-16kW) 500mm 1927 x 647 x 83