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The Dartmoor Baker – a quirky product that combines a traditional wood burner with a compact oven.

The Dartmoor Baker, based on the successful Dartmoor Stove Range, has an integral oven above the fire box, which utilises heat from the fire to cook, bake or warm food.


  • Available colours: Black, Aubergine, Grey, Champagne, Charcoal, Dory Blue, Mushroom, Honey Glow Brown and Firecracker.
  • The Dartmoor Baker comes in three models; the compact Baker 5 (5kW nominal output); the Baker W5 (5kW nominal output) and the Baker 8 (8kW nominal output).
  • Vents in the Dartmoor Bakers oven allow the cooking smells and condensation to be drawn out of the oven and up the chimney.
  • There is also a removable cleaning plate located inside the oven and three shelf height options.
  • Both the Baker 5 and Baker W5 are approved for use in smoke-controlled areas with a DEFRA kit fitted.
  • All the Dartmoor Bakers can be manufactured with an extended stove top.
  • Dean Forge stoves are stocked at 80 other UK outlets.

The father-and-son team, Michael and Simon Chew, are so proud of their Devon heritage that Dean Forge’s entire handcrafted range is named after Devon beauty spots. The Dartmoor Baker adds to the existing Hembury, Croft, Huccaby, Foxworthy, Herrick, Junior and Clearburn ranges.

Simon Chew explains: “The idea to incorporate an oven into our traditional wood burner came from wanting to bring that sociable sharing-style of cooking of barbeques and campfires inside the home. The stove is compact and will sit nicely into any living space. In my home we love toasting crumpets, whilst enjoying the heat of the fire. It is also great for hot pots, as we can leave the dish to slow cook whilst we are out on a family walk; then it’s ready on our return, once we have worked up an appetite.

“The oven vents are specially designed to draw any cooking smells up the chimney. Our talented team creates beautiful stoves in a traditional way, but with the latest stove technology, so that you can enjoy the dual benefits of a wood burner and stove in one.

“We are really delighted that we can maintain such a fantastic craft and have built a thriving company from something we are passionate about.”

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