Stove Care

Keep your wood burner and hearth in tip top condition and the most beautiful centrepiece of your home.

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Fireplace Cleaner – £7.95
For cleaning brick, stone and concrete. This quality is a quantity product formulated to remove stains from Stone, Brick and Concrete.

Slate Sheen – £14.95
For a brighter finish. This product is formulated to seal and protect slate, enhancing its natural beauty. The Slate Sheen will actively repel dirt and water whilst allowing the slate to breathe.

Stove Glass Cleaner Dry Wiper – £9.99
Wipe the sooty glass with a dry stove glass cleaner the elastic nonwoven fabric completely absorbs even the most stubborn soot and dirt.

Stove Paint – from £19.50
Stove Paint for wood stoves, fireplaces, barbeques and cast chimineas. Heat resistant to 650C / 1200F, quick drying, self priming, impact and rust resistant. Selection of colours to match Dean Stoves.

Moisture Meter – £24.30
Test your firewood and chopped logs to check if it is fully seasoned, then enjoy a fire with less smoke, reduced chimney deposits and lower environmental pollution.

Stove Pipe Thermometer – £17.50
A wood or log burner without a thermometer is like a car without a speedometer. Informed operation of your stove’s controls shows you when the fire consumes wood too fast, exceeding the stove’s efficient operating zone.

Leather Stove Gloves (pair) £6.00
To use a wood or log burner stove, you need to place logs and wood directly into the flames and this means that it is essential to ensure you have the proper protection. Leather stove gloves provides protection to your hands against flames and heat. Suitable for use with wood burning stoves, log burners and general stoves without worrying about injuries.