Lotus Mondo

The Lotus Mondo series represents simple design and fine craftsmanship, apparent in the detail.  The Mondo 1 has a clean straight front, whereas the Mondo 2 offers the added appeal of a gently curving front.  Both models feature an elegant curved door handle.

Mondo 1 and 2 are both available as ‘S’ models with complete soapstone covering on the sides and top which stores and radiates heat.

Lotus Mondo 1 and 2 Specifications

High efficiency up to 79%
Wood version Yes
Nominal heat output and range 5kW (3-7kW)
Dimensions h x w x d Mondo 1: 964 x 476 x 366.3mm
Mondo 2: 964 x476 x 391.9mm
Weight Mondo1: 108kg
Mondo 2: 100kg
Mondo 1 Soapstone
Mondo 1 Soapstone