Riva2 500 & 750HL Gas Inset Stoves

Thoughtfully designed to fit into standard 22″ and 36″ fireplace openings, the Riva2 500 and the larger Riva2 750HL usher in a new ere of gas fires.  With their highly realistic log effect fuel beds complemented by a wide choice of striking frames, mantels and lining options, these outstanding fires can be perfectly tailored to your home’s decor.

Riva2 500
Offering up to 4.8kW of high efficiency heat output, the Riva2 500 will provide cosy warmth for those cold winter evenings as well as the ambiance of a highly realistic log-effect fire with glowing ember bed.  The Riva2 500 also comes with a Programmable Thermostatic remote to give you complete control over the fire from your sofa.

Riva2 750HL
The Riva2 750HL provides up to 7kW of heat, making it ideal for heating larger spaces efficiently, all fully controlled with the Programmable Thermostatic remote control.  Designed to fit into a standard 36 chimney opening the Riva 2 750HL allows homeowners to make the most of their existing fireplace, featuring non-reflective glass for a flawless open-fire appearance and crystal clear view of the rolling flames complemented by a wide range o frame styling options, the 750HL ensures a designer statement in every setting.

Lining Options
To enhance your styling possibilities and ensure you can achieve a look that will best suit you and your home, Gazco has developed a range of lining options, each providing an entirely different aesthetic for the stunning log effect fire.  Opt for the glamorous Black Reeded lining, the classic Brick-effect, the natural Ledgestone-effect, the depth-enhancing Black Glass or the light and contemporary Vermiculite which also includes an attractive fluting detail on 750HL models.


Fuel Bed Logs
Heat Output Riva2 500: BF: 4.8kW & CF: 4.8kW
Riva2 750HL: BF: 6.72kW & CF: 7.0kW
Efficiency Riva2 500: BF: 82% & CF: 75%
Riva2 750HL: BF: 80% & CF: 70%
Linings Vermiculite, Brick-effect, Black Reeded, Black Glass, Ledgestone-effect
Command controls Programmable Thermostatic Remote