Stovax Stove Benches

To assist designers and homeowners in creating a flexible alternative to the ‘on hearth’ mounting of Stovax’s freestanding contemporary stoves.  Stovax offers ten sizes of Bench to which the stoves may be secured.

Standing 250 or 350mm high with a sturdy steel construction and a durable black finish, you can not only match the Bench to the space available but also accommodate individual styling requirements. For example, appliances can be positioned centrally on the Bench or offset to one side. Finished in a durable Matt Black the Riva™ Benches can provide either the perfect complement or create a striking contrast depending on your stove colour choice.

The lengths available are 45cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm and 180cm with a depth of 420mm ( the 180 Bench has a depth of 465mm), and the legs are each 60mm wide.

Key Facts
Sturdy steel constructions
Choice of sizes
Durable Matt Black finish
Proportioned 60mm wide legs
Allows for central or offset stove positioning

* Please note: Always your stove suitability with these benches.

Bench Product Code PRODUCT W (mm)H (mm)D (mm)
RVACLB100BHTBench 100 Low1000250420
RVACB100BHTBench 100 High1000350420
RVACLB120BHTBench 120 Low1200250420
RVACB120BHTBench 120 High1200350420
RVACLB140BHTBench 140 Low1400250420
RVACB140BHTBench 140 High1400350420
RVACLB180BHTBench 180 Low1800250465
RVACB140BHTBench 180 High1800350465
RVACLB120BHT-DPBench 120 Low (Deep)1200250500
RVACB120BHT-DPBench 120 High (Deep)1200350500
RVACLB140BHT-DPBench 140 Low (Deep)1400250500
RVACB140BHT-DPBench 140 High (Deep)1400350500
RVACLB180BHT-DPBench 180 Low (Deep)1800250500
RVACB180BHT-DPBench 180 High (Deep)1800350500