Rayburn 680KCD Oil Series

Cast iron range cooking with ‘A’ rated boiler technology, with conventional or balanced flue options, for cooking, domestic water and central heating.

Beneath the classically beautiful exterior of the Rayburn 600 Series lies a highly-efficient combined heating and cooking system that creates mouth-watering dishes, a wonderfully warm home and piping hot water, just when you need it.

Rayburn 600 models have a large cast iron hotplate with enough space to accommodate 8 saucepans. Cooks will also love the main oven (a full 16% larger than other smaller Rayburn models), with its unrivalled four heat zones, which means it is perfect for grilling, roasting, baking and simmering. Plus it has a 34 litre capacity lower oven that produces an even, radiant heat at approximately half the temperature of the main oven – ideal for casseroles steamed root vegetables and puddings. advanced digital controls also allow you to programme your cooker to come on automatically when you are out, so it is always ready when you need it.

Rayburn 680KDCF (Oil/Kerosene Conventional Flue)  680KCDBF (Oil/Kerosene/Balanced Flue) 
This revolutionary Rayburn 680KCD has the latest condensing boiler technology which gives increased efficiency whilst also delivery the same excellent cooking performance along with hot water and central heating. Thermostatically controlled to automatically maintain a constant temperature, the 680KCD condensing model saves space by combining cooking and heating in one compact unit.

Key features of the 680KCD include: An ‘Eco’ setting for the boiler to ensure the boiler is running at its optimum setting and highest efficiency possible (at least 90%). Output of 80,000 Btu (23.4kW) meaning it can heat approx 16 averaged size radiators. The largest rectangular cast iron hotplate on the marketing which can accommodate up to 8 pans at once.

Specifications 680KCDCF/680CDBF
Domestic hot water
Central heating
Cast iron main oven
Cast iron simmering oven
Thermostatic controls
Integral programmer
Optional external programmers
Conventional flue system
Balanced flue
Power flue

Central Heating Hot Water System:
Fully pumped open & sealed
Hot Water Storage
Suitable for most cylinder sizes Yes
Boiler Output 80,000Btu/h
100,000 Btu/h
Average No. of radiators 16
Electrical supply required Yes
Weight 395kg

Standard Colours Cream/Black/Dark Blue/White
Special Colours (Additional Charge) – Pewter, Dartmouth Blue, Pearl Ashes, Aubergine, Duck Egg Blue, Blush, Salcombe Blue, Slate.