Gazco Radiance Wall Mounted & Inset Electric Fires

The breathtaking Radiance electric fire series combines striking aesthetics and cutting edge technology, letting you instantly transform any interior.


Providing gorgeous flame visuals and instant ambience, Radiance inset and wall mounted electric fires transform any living space with mood-enhancing LED lighting.

Offering a captivating, realistic flame picture in a choice of effects and colours, this designer fire is available in either wall mounted or inset versions, as well as a variety of sizes and styling options for optimal versatility. A choice of beautiful frames and eye-catching fuel effects allow for individual tailoring to your decor – radiating the utmost sophistication and style.

Radiance Wall Mounted Size Options
The Radiance wall mounted fire is available in a range of sizes to suit almost any interior.  With their simple hang-on-the-wall installation and selection of stylish frames, these cutting edge fires let you easily add a stylish focal-point to any room.  Offering up to 2.0kW heat output they can instantly create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

The Radiance can be fitted almost anywhere you wish to create a warming visual or to add some localised heat. With no building work required, these fires re great not just for lounges, but for studies, kitchens, conservatories and even bedrooms – bringing style and sophistication to virtually any location.

The larger Radiance 150W and 190W fires effortlessly add presence to open-plan living areas, hallways and other more spacious settings where you wish to make a design statement as well as add a convenient heat source.

Wall mounted Radiance fires are available with an optional semi-recess kit, allowing you to reduce the fires already slim depth by almost two thirds when fitted into a pre-constructed 90mm wall cavity.

 Dimensions Width Height Depth
Radiance 80W 1280mm 670mm Glass: 160mm
Steel: 175mm
Radiance 100W 1480mm 670mm Glass: 160mm
Steel: 175mm
Radiance 150W 1980mm 670mm Glass: 160mm
Steel: 175mm
Radiance 190W 2380mm 670mm Glass: 160mm
Steel: 175mm

Radiance Inset Size Options
Radiance inset fires are offered in a choice of four sizes, in either hole-in-the-wall or framed options to suit your personal tastes.  Instantly catching the eye, these breathtaking designer fires will add a stylish warmth wherever they are installed.

From the compact Radiance inset 85R to the expansive 195R, there will be a size to fit your setting whether you’re looking to add style to your study or luxury to your lounge.  The inset can even be fitted into a wallpaper surround, allowing papering to the fire’s edge for seamless integration with your interior styling.

All four sizes feature the same variable heat output between 1.0kW and 2.0kW and benefit from convenient thermostatic control.

Radiance 135R Inset Electric Fire
 Dimensions* Width Height
Radiance 85R 901mm 336mm
Radiance105R 1101mm 336mm
Radiance 135R 1401mm 336mm
Radiance 195R 2001mm 336mm

*Dimensions given are those overall visible upon installation