Foxworthy Spares

Foxworthy Spares

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Product Code ModelDescriptionRRP Price Example Image
SPDFDA5ACPCEFoxworthy Non-ecoAir Wash control disc Control End£4.00 + vat
SPDFDA5ACPLFoxworthy Non-ecoAir Wash control disc Plain End£2.50 + vat
SPDFDA5AWSPFoxworthy Non-ecoAir Wash Spring£0.75 + vat
SPDFDA5CKSSFoxworthy Non-ecoAir wash Control Knob Stainless£7.50 + vat
SPDFDA5APFoxworthy Non-ecoAsh Pan£20.00 + vat
SPDFDA5ARFoxworthy Non-ecoAsh Retainer£22.00 + vat
SODFBB5Foxworthy Non-ecoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 125mm£101.82 + vat
SODFBBFoxworthy Non-ecoBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 150mm£101.82 + vat
SPDFDA5BPFoxworthy Non-ecoBaffle Plate£25.00 + vat
SPDFDA5BPRBFoxworthy Non-ecoBlanking Plate Retaining Bar£4.50 + vat
SPDFDA5BISFoxworthy Non-ecoBrick Insulation Set£19.00 + vat
SPDFDA5BSPRFoxworthy Non-ecoBrick LH & RH (Steel) pair£36.42 + vat
SPDFDA5BRFoxworthy Non-ecoBrick Rear (steel)£36.93 + vat
SPDFDA5DKFoxworthy Non-ecoDEFRA Kit£41.21 + vatDartmoor 5 Defra Kit
SPDFDA5GLFoxworthy Non-ecoDoor Glass£24.60 + vat
SPDFDA5HBFoxworthy Non-ecoDoor Handle - Black£12.50 + vatDartmoor-Range-Black-Door-Handle
SPDFDA5HSSFoxworthy Non-ecoDoor Handle -Stainless Steel
£55.00 + vat-Dartmoor-Range-Stainless-Steel-Door-Handle
SPDFDA5HFoxworthy Non-ecoDoor Hinge£5.50 + vat
SPDFDA5FS125Foxworthy Non-ecoFlue Spigot 125mm£12.50 + vat
SPDFDA5FRFoxworthy Non-ecoFuel Retainer (MF)£22.00 + vat
SPDFDA5FLBPFoxworthy Non-ecoFlue Blanking Plate£16.00 + vat
SPDFDA5GRSFoxworthy Non-ecoGlass Retaining Screw (each)£0.15 + vat
SPDFDA5GRFoxworthy Non-ecoGlass Retainer£2.20 + vatDartmoor-5-Glass-Retainer
SPDFDA5MFGBPFoxworthy Non-ecoGrate Back Plate £8.00 + vatSPDFDA5MFGBP-Dartmoor-5-Grate-Back-Plate
SPDFDA5MFGCFoxworthy Non-ecoGrate Centre £12.50 + vat
SPDFDA5MFGFoxworthy Non-ecoGrate Frame (MF)£50.00 + vat
SPDFDA5HFoxworthy Non-ecoHinge Pins 6mm (pair)£2.50 + vat
SPDFDA5BRKFoxworthy Non-ecoMain Door Rope Seal Kit£12.50 + vat
SPDFDA5OTFoxworthy Non-ecoOperating Tool£17.20 + vat
SPDFDA5MRFBFoxworthy Non-ecoRiddle Bar (MF)£11.00 + vatDartmoor5_riddle-bar-Dean-Stoves
SPDFDA5MFSBFoxworthy Non-ecoSide Bricks pair
Multi-fuel (MF)
£8.00 + vat

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