Elise Evoke Steel

Adding a profiled surround, The Evoke Steel frame combines with the Elise wood burning and multi-fuel inset fire to instantly transform any interior.

With its dual steel layering, this frame combines a two-part, four sided design to create a sophisticated, statement style that lends a stunning finish to all models in the Elise range.

Model Nominal Heat
Output & Range
Log Length
Evoke Steel Dimensions
(w x h x d)
Elise 540 5kW (3 – 7kW) 300mm 792 x 810 x 38mm
Elise 680 7-8kW (4 – 11kW) 500mm 1003 x 807 x 38mm
Elise 850 9kW (5 – 12kW) 640mm 1174 x 890 x 38mm