Eclipse Gas Inset Fires

The Eclipse 100 offers state-of-the-art features, beautiful design and cutting edge technology which combine to create the ultimate ambience in your home.

With an impressive heat output complemented by a choice of frames and lining options, this high efficiency fire will instantly add contemporary elegance to any home.

Eclipse Verve XS
For a slightly bolder style choice, the Eclipse Verve XS has a subtly curving 3D form which can be appreciated from all angles. Available in sophisticated Graphite or a choice of striking supplementary colours (Metallic Red, Metallic Bronze and Ivory), the Verve XS really adds impat and accentuates the impressive Eclipse in your living room.

Eclipse Icon XS
A truly magnificent and iconic design – the Eclipse Icon XS delivers in style with its lavish Black Glass frame. Surrounding the eye-catching flame and fuel-bed, the highly reflective Black Glass surfaces eschew any nod to traditional styling and instead places the emphasis purely on contemporary design.

Fabulous Frames & Flames
The very latest fire to adorn the Gazco range,  the Eclipse 100 brings with it a series of new technological advancements that combine to create a high efficiency fire with truly awe-inspiring flame visuals.  The generous firebox offers a highly realistic flame picture that flows through a hand-painted, ultra realistic log-effect fuel bed accentuated by mesmerising glowing embers. Offering a crystal clear view of the stunning flames, the Eclipse also features non-reflective glass for a flawless, open-fire aesthetic.  Presented in a choice of three sophisticated frames as well as a hole-in-the-wall frameless Edge design (photo left), there is a contemporary style choice to suit all interiors.

Convenient Control
The Eclipse 100 also comes complete with a Programmable Thermostatic remote control as standard.  Giving you full control over your fire, the handset operates everything from ignition to extinguish as well as integrated a programmable timer, temperature, control and Gazco’s convection fan air system from the touch of a button.  The advanced dual-burner system also allows you to set your perfect atmosphere by selecting to use one or two burners, giving you total control over flame height and heat output.

Luxury Linings

Further extending its appeal and style options. The Eclipse 100 has two attractive lining choices – classic Black Reeded and smart Ledgestone-effect.  The Black Reeded lining offers a striking contrast to the flickering flame, whilst the Ledgestone-effect, with its textured profile finish, brings a brighter, natural alternative that adds interest even when the fire is off.  Each lining enhances the overall setting of your new Eclipse fire whilst providing their own unique and distinctive finish.

Fuel Bed Logs
Heat Output Eclipse 100: BF: 9.35kW
Efficiency Eclipse 100: BF: 85%
Linings Black Reeded, Ledgestone-effect
Command controls Programmable Thermostatic Remote