Dean Forge experts say “Use the ‘Right Fuel’ for a clean burn.

How do you choose the right wood burning stove for a clean efficient burn?  If you are thinking of buying a modern high efficiency British Made stove then consider purchasing one tested to high standards to demonstrate low smoke emissions.

Simon Chew, Managing Director of Dean Forge comments that, “We agree that burning the right fuel in an efficient modern wood burning stove can reduce emissions by up to 90% compared to an open fire.  Ensuring burn efficiency is an important consideration.  We recommend kiln dried wood, and with a moisture content of less than 20%.  The moisture content of seasoned logs can vary with average moisture content between 30% and 50%.  Consider purchasing a moisture meter.  This will help you gauge when wood is ready to be burnt.  It will also benefit you directly by maximising efficiency, meaning you burn less fuel, produce more heat, and reduce maintenance costs keeping your chimney in a better condition“.

Additionally, Simon mentions that, “lighting a stove is the most crucial phase”. Overloading the stove with logs or using wet wood can generate excessive smoke.  Lighting the fire is simple so long as a few basic rules are followed.

*           Start by fully opening the Primary and Air Wash controls on the stove.
*           Build the fire slowly.
*           Start with dry kindling and add dry logs as the fire catches.
*           Leave the door open until the fire is established.
*           Then close the door and the Primary Air Control and use the Air Wash to                 regulate the fire.

Following these simple rules will have a significant impact on the emissions produced.  We, like most stove manufacturers, have clear guidelines and videos showing how to burn wood in our stoves.