[Sept 2019] Dean Forge celebrates 50 Years of Engineering and Manufacturing

Dean Forge is celebrating 50 Years of Engineering and Manufacturing

Originally established in 1969, family enterprise Dean Forge Ltd now produces an extensive range of efficient wood burning and multi-fuel stoves.  Today, celebrating 50 years of engineering and manufacturing, Dean Forge continues to follow a successful family tradition of quality craftsmanship. 

Company Director, Michael Chew explained, “when I started the company, I used to make all sorts of products, and it quickly became apparent that wood burning stoves would replace open fires, and this continues today.

In the 1980’s we introduced glass into our stove doors, and just a few years later the highly efficient and powerful preheated Clearburn airwash system, which is still used today.

As Dean Forge continues its design, engineering and manufacturing, Managing Director Simon Chew claims, “We feel that our stoves are not only user friendly, they are installer friendly too, and they are built to last for many years.  I install stoves myself, and make possible changes to our products and respond to industry trends that today’s market demands”.

Simon continues, “from our early double door canopy Herrick stove to our now very successful Dartmoor Range of stoves, we produce highly refined and efficient ranges of wood and multi-fuel stoves that are in huge demand distributing stoves via a network of over 120 UK Stockists – exporting to countries such as Australia, Europe and USA”.

This year, the firm’s focus is on Eco-efficiency and the 2022 efficiency standards. We are expanding our range of Dean Stoves introducing additions such as The Woodbury Clearburn Range.   Simon claims,”these stoves are incredibly efficient and we are pleased that our customers can buy with confidence today and in the future”. The Woodbury Clearburn Range, first unveiled at the Hearth & Home Exhibition, Harrogate in June, was warmly received by industry experts and trade stockists. The Woodbury Clearburn stoves will be available later in 2019.

Dean Stoves and other brands are also available at Dean Prior and Exeter showrooms, for example;
Hwam, Wiking, Barbas, Nordpeis, Lysa, Broseley, Gazco & Stovax and other well known Gas and Electric stoves. Visit our showrooms to see the full range while stocks last.

If you can’t visit in person,  just give us a call and our experts will help you choose the best stove which is right for you and your home.
T: 01364 643574 / Email: stoves@dean-forge.co.uk