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Product Code ModelDescriptionRRP Price Image Example
SPDFCBJRKJunior EcoMain Door Rope Seal Kit£12.50 + vat
SPDFCBJGLJunior EcoDoor Glass (each)£24.00 + vat
VER-B-PN-0182-&-VER-B-PN-0183Junior EcoRH & LH Outer Side Brick (pair)£49.68 + vat
VER-B-PN-0180-&-VER-B-PN-0181Junior EcoRH & LH Inner Side Brick (pair)£41.68 + vat
VER-B-PN-0060Junior EcoTop Baffle£21.72 + vat
VER-B-PN-0065Junior EcoLower Baffle£22.32 + vat
VER-B-PN-0067-&-VER-B-PN-0068Junior EcoBack Bricks (pair)£50.32+vat
SPDFCBJAWKBLJunior EcoAir wash Knob Black£3.50 + vat
SPDFCBJAWKBRJunior EcoAir wash Knob Brass£7.50 + vat
SPDFCBJAWKSSJunior EcoAir wash Knob Stainless Steel£7.50 + vat
SPDFCBJBPRBJunior EcoBlanking Plate Retaining Bar£4.50 + vat
SPDFCBJDCJunior EcoDoor Catch£4.50 + vat
SPDFCBJHBJunior EcoDoor Handle - Bar£28.00 + vat
SPDFCBJHCJunior EcoDoor Handle - Cage£30.00 + vat
SPDFCBJHSSJunior EcoDoor Handle - Stainless Steel£30.00 + vatCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Stainless-Steel-Door-Handle
SPDFCBJFLBPJunior EcoFlue Blanking Plate£18.00 + vat
SPDFCBJGRSJunior EcoGlass Retaining Screw£0.15 + vat
SPDFCBJGRJunior EcoGlass Retaining Strip£2.60 + vatCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Glass-Retaining-Strip-SPDFCBJGR
SPDFCBSLGRHSJunior EcoGlass Retaining Strip Handle Side£2.60 + vatCroft-Clearburn-Junior-Glass-Retaining-Strip-Handle-Side
SPDFCBJHPJunior EcoHinge Pins 8mm£2.50 + vat
SPDFCBJFS125Junior EcoSpigot 125mm£12.50 + vat
SODFBB5JuniorBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 125mm£92.00 + vat
SODFBBJuniorBack Box (Rear Flue Adaptor) 150mm£92.00 + vat

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