ACR Neo 1C_3C

ACR Neo 1C/3C 5kW Multifuel Stove

The ACR NEO 1C is everything you would expect from a fully featured contemporary stove but has the benefit of DEFRA approval allowing you to burn wood in smoke controlled areas. An optional multifuel grate enables you to burn smokeless fuel too giving you versatility when it comes to fuel type.

The NEO 1C has a glazed front door which is kept clean by a powerful airwash and the benefit of a convenient storage cupboard beneath which is handy for storing kindling and logs.

As with all NEO stoves in the range, the ashpan slides towards you to enable the lid to be fitted and then lift the ashpan out and carry outside safe in the knowledge the ashes are safely contained and won’t blow about in the wind.

NEO 1C/3C Specifications

Height 1040mm
Width 449mm
Depth 390mm
Output 5 KW
Efficiency 74.4% gross 81.8% net
Temperature below 100 degrees
Weight 125 Kg
Diameter 125mm

NEO 1C/3C  Feature List

  • High quality steel construction with cast iron door and top casting for strength and efficient heat transfer
  • Smoke Exempt – you can now burn wood in smoke controlled zones
  • 5kW nominal output
  • Multifuel – can be used with wood and smokeless fuel
  • 125mm (5″) flue collar for straight forward installation
  • No additional room air requirement
  • High efficiency lined firebox
  • Large glass window for relaxing view of the flames with single or three panel glass options
  • Very powerful airwash to help keep the glass panel free of deposits
  • Discreet storage cupboard paint
  • Brushed steel handle
  • Easy to operate, front mounted calibrated air control dial
  • Convenient ash removal system with anti-spill lid
  • Optional direct air supply kit available
  • 10 year warranty